RPM, Inc., founded in 1980, is a well-established, Minnesota-based corporation. We manufacture and distribute a variety of brands and products including Armor All® Protective Mats and Drymate® Surface Solution Products, and are the original inventors of the Key-Rock (the perfect place to hide a key). Our line of products is currently available online and at many retail stores throughout the USA, Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia, and Mexico.

RPM, Inc. is proud to offer products manufactured in the United States. The opportunity to create jobs here in the States is high on our list. And having better control over the quality of our products and being able to deliver within tighter deadlines are some pretty nice side effects to providing USA-made goods.

ABOUT THE FABRIC: Armor All® Protective Mats are made from a soft, felt-like, non-woven material with a bonded waterproof backing. Featuring Zorb-Tech™ anti-flow absorbency technology, this fabric has the unique ability to absorb and trap spills while keeping whatever is below dry.



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