Armor All Garage Floor Mats and Cargo Liners

3 Steps to Converting Your Garage into Extra Living Space

Want to convert your garage into a man cave, game room or extra space for the kids to hang out in but still want to use your garage as…well…a garage? Accomplishing this is easier than you think.

Step 1: Function and Budget

As with any home improvement project, you must first determine cost and functionality. How will the space be used? Who will use the space? Is this for the long haul or just until the kids are off to college? Are you going to take out a second mortgage to fund the project or keep it to a minimum budget? Once you’ve ironed out these details, everything else will flow.

Step 2: Clean and Organize

Now that you’ve got a direction and budget in mind it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. This is a good time to go through everything in your garage and get rid of clutter. Create 3 piles – keep, donate, toss. If this exercise is slightly painful, then you’re doing it right! Use bins, shelving, hooks and cabinets to organize the keepers. Don’t forget to consider vertical storage options to open up floor space. And keep dual function in mind. For example, a cabinet on wheels can be rolled out and used as a table or bar.

While you’ve got the contents of your garage spread out on the lawn, get in there and give your garage a good cleaning. Sweep, dust, wipe down and hose off. A little paint adds some color and gives your space a finished look.

Step 3: Create

Now that you’ve got a relatively clean slate to work with it’s time to get creative. The 3 main considerations when developing your new living space are furniture, lighting and flooring.


To maintain garage functionality, look at collapsible furniture options that can be tucked away when not in use. Folding chairs and tables come in a variety of styles and designs to fit just about any theme and function. This is where vertical storage can really come in handy.


When it comes to lighting, think about the different things you’ll be doing in your new space. Will you need bright light for seeing small detail or general lighting for hanging out, watching TV or playing video games? Be sure to consider your lighting needs with the garage door open and closed. Some light will be obscured when the door is open.


Concrete can be very cold, especially during the winter months. Armor All® Garage Floor Mats provide a layer of protection from the cold and can be easily rolled and stored between uses. Or leave them down and drive the car right onto them. They’re absorbent and easy to clean so no need to worry about spills and drips.

Turning your garage into extra living space without losing functionality is not impossible. You just have to get creative with it!