Armor All Garage Floor Mats & Cargo Liners

About Our Product

All Armor All® waterproof mats are made from a material which has a soft, felt-like surface and a non-slip, waterproof backing. The mats are thin – only 1/8” thick – but don’t let the thickness fool you. Due to the patented Drymate® technology used in the production process, these mats hold a tremendous amount of liquid. The anti-flow property of the material traps and contains spills, preventing them from flowing onto adjacent surfaces while the thin construction of the mat allows moisture to evaporate quickly. The underside of the mat is coated with a special bonded backing that prevents moisture from seeping through, protecting surfaces below.

Waterproof protection

  • Waterproof backing protects seats and flooring from spills and messes.
  • Protects from above and below:
    • Waterproof backing prevents spills from soaking through to surfaces below.
    • The backing also prevents moisture on damp surfaces from seeping up through the mat to objects above, i.e., when used for roadside emergencies such as changing a tire in damp conditions.

    Absorbent, Carpet-Like Material

  • Spills are contained and absorbed quickly.
  • Material mimics the main features of original car interior – Soft, comfortable and durable.
  • Fast Dry Technology

  • Anti-flow properties stop messes in their tracks before they have a chance to run onto other surfaces.
  • Non-woven fabric allows moisture to evaporate so spills dry quickly.
  • Made in the USA

  • Fabric is made from over 50% recycled material – Combination of post-consumer and post-industrial.
  • Drymate® is a Registered Trademark of RPM, Inc.
    ©2019 Energizer Auto. Armor ALL® is a trademark of Energizer Auto and is used under license by RPM, Inc.