Spring Challenge: Cleaning the Garage

Organize Your Garage

Mild temperatures and the absence of annoying insects make spring the perfect time to clean and organize your garage. It may seem like a bit of a chore but an organized garage will save you time in the long run and greatly reduce those “where the (bleep) is the…” moments! GETTING STARTED Start in one […]

Car Washing Tips

A shiny, clean vehicle, absent of road dust and the smell of stale takeout…there’s nothing quite like it! It’s not the daunting task you think it may be. Here are a few tips on how to bring back that new car shine and extend the life of your vehicle. How often to wash? Well that […]

3 Steps to Converting Your Garage into Extra Living Space

Want to convert your garage into a man cave, game room or extra space for the kids to hang out in but still want to use your garage as…well…a garage? Accomplishing this is easier than you think. Step 1: Function and Budget As with any home improvement project, you must first determine cost and functionality. […]

New Year’s Resolutions for 2016

New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep in 2016 Every New Year’s, millions of people around the world resolve to make changes in their lives, many of them health related. Lose weight, exercise more, give up smoking, drink less…and on it goes. Sadly, only 8% of us are successful in keeping our New Year’s resolutions. This […]

12 Tips for Driving in Winter

FOLLOW THESE TIPS FOR SAFE DRIVING IN WINTER Winter weather can make for some pretty hairy driving conditions. Following a few basic tips can help you get through the winter season unscathed. These may seem like “well, duhhh” suggestions but having been out in the first bad weather of the season up here in Minnesota, […]

5 Reasons You Should Use Garage Floor Mats in the Winter

5 Good Reasons for Using a Garage Floor Mat in the Winter Winter can be hard on garage floors. Garage floor mats provide an easy and affordable solution to the damage caused by salt and deicers used on icy roads. There are many other benefits to using a garage floor mat during the winter including […]

Protect Your Vehicle’s Resale Value

Protect your vehicle’s interior to boost resale value Maintain Your Vehicle’s Interior There are a lot of things that improve a vehicle’s resale value such as make and model, age of the vehicle, mileage and regular maintenance. One factor that affects a vehicle’s resale value, and one that is often overlooked, is maintaining the interior. For […]


PUT YOUR WINTER EMERGENCY KIT TOGETHER TODAY With winter comes inclement weather. And with inclement weather, comes poor driving conditions. There’s just no getting around it. Your best bet is to be prepared. If you don’t have a winter emergency kit in your vehicle, now is a good time to put one together. I know, […]


Your cell phone…you never leave home without it, right? Especially when you’re about to head out on a road trip. We all feel safer on the road when we have a cell phone with us. But be careful not to get lulled into a false sense of security. There are certain circumstances when your phone […]