End of Summer Car Care Tips

car care tips
Ever notice how once summer ends, time flies and before you know it, it’s winter? Get your vehicle ready for cold weather now with these end of summer car care tips.

Battery – Believe it or not, heat is your battery’s worst enemy. Have a mechanic check your car’s battery to make sure the hot days of summer haven’t taken their toll.

Wipers and wiper fluid – If your wiper blades bounce, skip or leave streaks, it’s probably time to replace them. A cost of around $20 seems a small price to pay to be able to see out your windshield. Top off your windshield wiper fluid now to prepare for fall rain and winter snow.

Brakes and brake fluid – I think everyone can agree that being able to stop 2 tons of metal in a relatively short distance is important. Having a professional check your brakes and topping off your brake fluid is really a no-brainer.

car care tips

Tires – Use the penny test to check the tread on your tires. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, it’s time for new tires. Check your owner’s manual or the driver’s-side door jamb for proper tire inflation. Recommended tire pressure is different for hot and cold weather.

Heater and defroster – Another no-brainer but it bears mentioning since it’s not something one thinks about during end of summer heat. Better to get your heater in working order now to avoid a chilly commute down the road.

Ice scraper – Have you ever been caught off guard by the first storm of the season and found yourself scraping your windshield with your Cub Rewards card? Throw an ice scraper in the trunk or under the seat now.

car care tips

Lights – Many people think headlights are only to help them see better in the dark. But lights are just as important when it comes to others being able to see you. Fog, rain and heavy snow can make you invisible to other cars. Make sure headlights, brake lights and turn signals are functioning.

Emergency kit – It’s time to replace the beach towels, flippers and water noodles with blankets, boots, gloves and a winter emergency kit. For a list of what to include in your winter emergency kit, here’s a comprehensive list from Department of Motor Vehicles.

Colder weather will be here before you know it. Take the time now to get your vehicle ready for winter. For more car care tips, visit the Car Care Council at www.carcare.org.