How will my order ship?
All orders ship via UPS Ground. Customer must provide physical address as UPS does not deliver to PO boxes.
What is your return policy?
Product can be returned within 30 days of receipt. Customer is responsible for return shipping and packaging. Please see detailed return policy under Terms & Conditions.
Does your product have a warranty?
Please see limited warranty information under Terms & Conditions.
Can the floor mats and runners be used on painted, sealed or treated floors?
The backing on all Armor All mats contains PVC. Check with the paint or sealer manufacturer for reactions to PVC. If no reaction is indicated, wait 72 hours after application before laying down mats. As an extra precaution, we suggest placing a small test piece on treated surfaces for 72 hours to test for reactions.
How much water/moisture can the garage floor mats hold?
Armor All Garage Floor Mats hold up to 5x their weight in liquids. If the mat becomes saturated, squeegee off excess liquid for faster drying. For northern states that get a lot of snow, we suggest knocking off the clumps that collect behind the tires before driving into your garage.
How long does it take for the garage floor mats to dry?
Dry time depends on saturation. The technology used in the Armor All Garage Floor Mats causes liquids to wick outwards as opposed to pooling. This results in a thinner layer of moisture that will evaporate quickly. To speed up drying, squeegee off excess liquid. If you live in the northern states, remove excess snow before driving into your garage to speed up dry time.
How do I clean my garage floor mats?
We suggest using a wet vac or power washer to clean the Armor All Garage Floor Mats. Use a gentle cleanser that does not contain bleach.