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Prep Your Car Now For Winter

Fall is the best time to prep your car for the winter. Here’s the short list for maintenance you should do now.


Regular oil and filter changes should be part of your regular maintenance year-round but it’s especially important in colder weather. Thick or dirty oil has a harder time pushing through the oil filter and may make it difficult to start your car. Be sure the type of oil you’re using is appropriate for the climate.


When you’re getting your oil and filter changed, have the mechanic check the battery. Have them clean off posts and cables and check connections while they’re at it. If you have a weak battery, don’t wait until it’s 20 below to replace it, do it now.


Winter driving can be hazardous enough as it is. Don’t make it worse with bad tires. Inspect your tires for uneven wear and use the penny method to check tread depth.


Being able to see ranks pretty high on the safe driving list. Winter weather can sling a lot of snow and slush at your windshield. Make sure your wiper blades are up for the challenge.


Put together a winter emergency kit for every vehicle now before the holidays are upon us and it slips your mind. You may never use an emergency kit but odds are, if you don’t have one, that’s the time you’ll wish you did. For a list of what to include, read our post on how to prepare a Winter Emergency Kit.

Don’t get stuck in the cold. Prepare your car now for winter driving. For a comprehensive list of auto maintenance you should do now to prepare your car for cold weather, see this article by the ASE.