Protect Your Investment!

A couple of eye-opening facts…

  • The average American spends over $30,000 on a new vehicle.
  • The average number of years before that new vehicle is traded in is just 8.

Considering these facts it stands to reason that, whether you plan to drive the wheels off your new $30,000+ investment or trade it in for something new in a few years, maintaining your vehicle is pretty important.

Here are a few simple things that you can do to extend the life of your vehicle and boost its resale value:

Regular Maintenance

  • Check oil and get regularly scheduled oil changes
  • Check and maintain proper air pressure in tires

Auto Interior

  • Regularly vacuum and clean interior
  • Use floor mats
  • Invest in protective mats to cover seats and cargo areas, like Armor All® Cargo Liners

Auto Exterior

  • Regularly wash and wax
  • Park away from others to prevent door dings
  • Park in the shade as prolonged sun exposure can damage some interiors