Car Washing Tips

A shiny, clean vehicle, absent of road dust and the smell of stale takeout…there’s nothing quite like it! It’s not the daunting task you think it may be. Here are a few tips on how to bring back that new car shine and extend the life of your vehicle. How often to wash? Well that […]

New Product & New Designs at 2015 AAPEX Show in Las Vegas

WE’RE AAPEX BOUND! Stop by the Armor All® Booth #5243 to check out our new products and cool new designs! New designs for 2015 include Realtree Xtra® and Diamond Plate which are made with a stronger, more durable material. The Realtree Xtra® and Diamond Plate designs have been incorporated into our 9’ x 18’ Garage Floor Runners as […]

Top 10 Reasons to Stow an Armor All Mat in Every Vehicle

10. thwapeta thwapeta thwapeta… No, that’s not a helicopter… Flat tire? Use an Armor All Mat when wrestling with the spare. The soft, felt-like surface is a heckuva lot more comfortable than the ground. And the waterproof backing keeps you clean and dry. 9. Those new end tables are going to look great in your […]

Protect Your Investment!

A couple of eye-opening facts… The average American spends over $30,000 on a new vehicle. The average number of years before that new vehicle is traded in is just 8. Considering these facts it stands to reason that, whether you plan to drive the wheels off your new $30,000+ investment or trade it in for […]