Top 10 Reasons to Stow an Armor All Mat in Every Vehicle

10. thwapeta thwapeta thwapeta… No, that’s not a helicopter…

Flat tire? Use an Armor All Mat when wrestling with the spare. The soft, felt-like surface is a heckuva lot more comfortable than the ground. And the waterproof backing keeps you clean and dry.

9. Those new end tables are going to look great in your living room. Provided they don’t get scratched on the way home. Or tossed in the ditch because you can’t stand one more second of them rattling against each other!

Toss an Armor All Liner over delicate cargo to protect it from scratches and dings. Mats can also be folded or rolled and placed in between incessantly rattling cargo to act as a buffer and help stave off insanity. We cannot guarantee this method will work for incessantly squabbling kids!

8. Do you really want to eat off a surface the birds use as their bathroom???

The Armor All Cargo Liner works great as a makeshift table cloth, providing a protective layer between you and what lurks beneath. Hose off, hang dry, and it’s ready for your next outing.

7. Two butt-numbing hours on a cold bench in a freezing arena watching your kid play hockey isn’t how you planned on spending your Friday night.

Be kind to your hind…end. Double up an Armor All Mat and use it on stadium seating for a little extra cushion. Outdoor sporting event and the bleachers are wet? No problem. Throw down an Armor All Mat. The waterproof backing will keep you dry.

6. ack…gack…urp… No, that’s not your spouse reacting to your announcement that the in-laws are staying for another week!

Pets get car sick too. With an easy-to-wash Armor All Cargo Mat, you can tote your animals with confidence. Messes of all kinds are absorbed quickly and the waterproof backing prevents leak-through. Keeps pet fur off your upholstery too!

5. It’s nice to have something to snuggle up in for those unexpected times you have to sleep in your car. (i.e., When you tell your spouse the in-laws are staying for another week!)

All joking aside, there may come a time when you need an emergency blanket and an Armor All Mat fits the bill.

  • Keeps you warm when stranded and waiting for help to arrive
  • Waterproof backing keeps you dry, helps protect you from the elements
  • Helps keep someone in shock stay warm
  • Fashion as a make-shift gurney for moving someone who is injured

4. You’re on your way to the 10th Annual Lutefisk Cook Off with your award-worthy entry of ‘Fisk Bisque when you slam on your brakes to avoid hitting a water buffalo. Dashed is your dream of a blue ribbon victory dance, replaced with the nightmare of buying a new vehicle because, let’s face it, there’s no getting that smell out!

Don’t buy a new vehicle, buy an Armor All Cargo Liner instead. When hauling messy or downright smelly cargo, lay down one of these mats for protection. The top layer is super absorbent, stopping messes in their tracks before they run onto your interior. The bottom layer is waterproof to prevent anything from soaking through.

3. Romantic picnic meal  CHECK

   Chocolate covered strawberries  CHECK

   The ever important engagement ring  CHECK

   Champagne (in case she says yes)  CHECK

   Exit strategy (in case she says no)  CHECK

   Armor All Mat to sit on  CHECK

There are just some moments in life you don’t want ruined by a soggy backside or sand in your shorts. An Armor All Mat works great for outdoor seating. The soft top layer is comfortable to sit on and the waterproof backing keeps you dry. Works great at the park or on the beach!

2. Strapping your kids to the hood of your car after a day at the beach is not an option!!!

Wet swimsuits? No problem. The soft, pliable and absorbent qualities of the Armor All Cargo Liner make it perfect for use as a seat cover. Waterproof backing keeps seats clean and dry!

1. The number one reason for stowing an Armor All Mat in every vehicle you own…

corn dog + funnel cake + chili fries + deep-fried candy bar + ginormous turkey leg + 2-hour ride home = 100% chance of total barforama

Don’t let a fun day at the fair end on a sour note. Drape an Armor All Cargo Liner over seats to protect from unexpected messes. The soft top layer is comfortable to sit on while the waterproof backing prevents leak-through. Easy to wash too!