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5 Reasons You Should Use Garage Floor Mats in the Winter

floor mats in winter - cars driving in snow

5 Good Reasons for Using a Garage Floor Mat in the Winter

Winter can be hard on garage floors. Garage floor mats provide an easy and affordable solution to the damage caused by salt and deicers used on icy roads. There are many other benefits to using a garage floor mat during the winter including reducing slip risks, minimizing the mess tracked into your home and providing insulation from cold concrete.

floor mats in winter-spalled concreteIPROTECT YOUR GARAGE FLOOR

Salt and deicing fluids are hard on concrete garage floors. They cause unsightly stains and, over time, can result in pitting of the concrete. A garage floor mat is an easy way to protect your garage floor from this type of damage. Snow blowers, snow blades and shovels used on your driveway can pick up salt and deicers too. For complete protection, go with a garage floor mat that covers your entire garage floor.

floor mats in winter - reduce risk of fallsREDUCE SLIP RISK FROM WET GARAGE FLOORS

Concrete by nature is a smooth surface. Add a little moisture and it becomes a slip hazard. Use an absorbent garage floor mat in winter to soak up melting snow and reduce the risk of slips and falls.

MINIMIZE THE MESS TRACKED INTO YOUR HOMEfloor mats in winter-dirty garage floor

Snowy, slushy roads are an accepted side effect of winter. Unfortunately, what ends up in your garage ultimately ends up in your house. A garage floor mat can help reduce the mess tracked into your home. An absorbent garage floor mat helps to remove dirt and moisture from the bottom of your feet before it gets tracked inside.

floor mats in winter-warm feetINSULATE YOUR FEET FROM COLD CONCRETE

Concrete is cold on the feet. Whether you’re working in your garage or making the occasional stocking-footed trip to take out the garbage, a garage floor mat helps to insulate your feet from cold concrete.

Quick & easy installation.AFFORDABLE AND EASY TO INSTALL

Garage floor mats offer an affordable alternative to protecting your garage floor. AND, installation couldn’t be easier – simply roll out. Although using a garage floor mat year-round is recommended, another benefit of a garage floor mat is that it can be rolled up and easily stored when not in use.