Armor All Garage Floor Mats and Cargo Liners

Improve Your NASCAR Tailgating Experience

Avid NASCAR fans love the infield experience and will travel miles to catch a race (25% travel over 300 miles), and most fans stay for a few days. If you’ve got a race or two posted to your calendar, let Armor All Mats improve your tailgating experience with these tips.

[message_box bg=”#hex or http://imageurl”] Improve your NASCAR tailgating experience with an Armor All Mat. Here’s how: [/message_box]

cargo liner
1. As any seasoned tailgater knows, surface area is often in short supply and one must not let a tailgate go to waste. But do you know where that tailgate’s been?? Don’t worry about it. Use an Armor All Mat to create a clean barrier between your food and what lurks beneath.

2. For quick and easy cleanup after noshing, an Armor All Cargo Liner works great as a table cover too. Catches crumbs, spills and moisture from coolers and sweating beverages. Simply shake out mat after use, spot clean if necessary, and it’s ready for another round of grub.

3. Be kind to your feet and roll out a large Cargo Liner in your seating area. The soft material feels great to walk on and your feet will be protected from rocks and other debris. All Armor All Mats have a waterproof backing so you’ll be dry even if the ground isn’t.

4. If Fido is part of your NASCAR rally team, a Cargo or Crossover Liner is your best friend. It will protect your auto’s interior from Fido’s fur and other doggie messes. Lay a Trunk Liner on the ground to give Fido a soft place to nap and a clean surface for his food and water bowls.

5. And finally, use an Armor All Cargo Liner as a…drum roll…cargo liner. You haul a lot of stuff when you travel a distance to a NASCAR race…food, beverages, grill, chairs, tents…the list goes on. And, inevitably, it goes back dirtier than when it arrived at the race. Don’t put that messy cargo back in your vehicle without an Armor All Cargo Liner. It’ll save you the headache of cleaning your auto’s interior after the long drive home.

Armor All Cargo Mats are lightweight, portable, easy to pack and have a number of convenient uses beyond protecting your auto’s interior. Be sure to add them to your next NASCAR tailgating packing list!

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