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New Year’s Resolutions for 2016

New Year's 2016

New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep in 2016

Every New Year’s, millions of people around the world resolve to make changes in their lives, many of them health related. Lose weight, exercise more, give up smoking, drink less…and on it goes. Sadly, only 8% of us are successful in keeping our New Year’s resolutions. This year, try something different and maybe a little more achievable. Keep your vehicle “healthy” with these New Year’s resolutions.

Regular Oil Changeoil changes  Get regular oil changes. Check your owner’s manual for the suggested frequency. Odds are it’s not every 3,000 miles like some express oil places will tell you.


Wash Your CarWASH YOUR VEHICLE  Wash your vehicle regularly to remove salt and other grime. Coatings on vehicles today help prevent corrosion from salt and other substances. But corrosives can still get into hidden areas and, over time, begin to eat away at the metal. Regular washing is your best bet against this.

MAINTAIN GAS LEVELS  Never let the gas tank drop below a quarter of a tank. You can’t always trust your gas gauge. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Also, letting your tank run nearly dry can cause damage to your car, leading to potentially costly repairs.Gas Guage

Check Tire PressureTIRE PRESSURE  Check your tire pressure once a month. Air can seep out of tires over time. Keep in mind that the air in tires won’t expand as much in colder weather so it’s a good idea to check the pressure when temps drop. And you might as well check tread and tire wear while you’re at it.

DON’T IGNORE THE SIGNS  Do not ignore signs that things aren’t running the way they should be. If your vehicle is driving differently or Car Making Noisesmaking strange sounds, get it checked out. A small problem left too long may lead to an expensive repair job that could’ve been avoided.

Vehicle Maintenance REGULAR VEHICLE MAINTENANCE  Finally, two words…regular maintenance. Check your owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommendations. Regular maintenance throughout the life of your car can save you money in the long run. And be sure to log all work done on your vehicle, including the date. Makes for a nice “nuh-uh” moment when a mechanic tries to sell you on new air filter and you tell him it was changed a year ago.

Go ahead and make those “I’m gonna be a better me” New Year’s resolutions. But be sure to include a few you actually have a shot at keeping. Add taking care of your vehicle to your list of New Year’s resolutions for 2016.