Top 10 Reasons to Store a Cargo Liner in Every Vehicle – Take II

TOP 10 REASONS TO STORE A CARGO LINER IN EVERY VEHICLE #10  You’re a mudder…your father was a mudder…your mother was a mudder… #9  Clown makeup is hard to get out of upholstery. #8  Your dog ate an entire fruit cake at grandma’s house and now you have a long drive over the river and through […]

End of Summer Car Care Tips

Ever notice how once summer ends, time flies and before you know it, it’s winter? Get your vehicle ready for cold weather now with these end of summer car care tips. Battery – Believe it or not, heat is your battery’s worst enemy. Have a mechanic check your car’s battery to make sure the hot […]

3 Ways Armor All Cargo Liners Save You Money

1. ARMOR ALL® CARGO LINERS ARE A STEAL COMPARED TO CUSTOM CARGO MATS. Custom cargo mats can be expensive to replace. If you get bamboozled into buying a cargo area mat as an add-on when you purchase a new vehicle, it can cost you upwards of $200. Even your basic upholstery-type cargo mat found online starts at around $80. […]

Car Washing Tips

A shiny, clean vehicle, absent of road dust and the smell of stale takeout…there’s nothing quite like it! It’s not the daunting task you think it may be. Here are a few tips on how to bring back that new car shine and extend the life of your vehicle. How often to wash? Well that […]

New Year’s Resolutions for 2016

New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep in 2016 Every New Year’s, millions of people around the world resolve to make changes in their lives, many of them health related. Lose weight, exercise more, give up smoking, drink less…and on it goes. Sadly, only 8% of us are successful in keeping our New Year’s resolutions. This […]

Protect Your Vehicle’s Resale Value

Protect your vehicle’s interior to boost resale value Maintain Your Vehicle’s Interior There are a lot of things that improve a vehicle’s resale value such as make and model, age of the vehicle, mileage and regular maintenance. One factor that affects a vehicle’s resale value, and one that is often overlooked, is maintaining the interior. For […]

5 Things To Prepare Your Car For Winter

Fall is a great time to get your car ready for winter driving. Check these 5 things or have your mechanic do it at your next tune up or oil change. BATTERY Starting your car in cold weather takes more umph from your battery so you should check it for voltage and replace if necessary. […]

Protect Your Investment!

A couple of eye-opening facts… The average American spends over $30,000 on a new vehicle. The average number of years before that new vehicle is traded in is just 8. Considering these facts it stands to reason that, whether you plan to drive the wheels off your new $30,000+ investment or trade it in for […]